Choose Pharmacy

If you have one of the conditions below you can visit a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for advice. The pharmacist may ask if you wish to register for the Common Ailments Scheme.

Registering means the pharmacist may supply you with the medicine you need free of charge.

  • You may need to show the pharmacist some form of identification before you can use the service but this will depend on whether you are known to the pharmacist.
  • The pharmacist will check your details to confirm that you are registered with a GP Practice in Wales.
  • You don’t have to make an appointment. You can go along at a time that suits you.
  • Your consultation (not an examination) will always be with a qualified pharmacist and will take place in a confidential area within the pharmacy.
  • If your pharmacist agrees that you need a medicine or product to treat your symptoms they may give it to you free of charge.
  • If you do not wish to register with the service the pharmacist will provide you with advice but will not be able to supply any free medicine.
  • If your pharmacist feels that it is better for you to see your GP or another healthcare professional then they may tell you to make an appointment.
  • You can still make an appointment to see your GP if you think this is more suitable.

Common ailments included in the scheme:

·  Acne

·  Athlete’s Foot

·  Backache (Acute)

·  Chicken Pox (Under 14s)

·  Conjunctivitis (Bacterial)

·  Constipation

·  Dry Eyes

·  Dry Skin

·  Haemorrhoids

·  Hay Fever

·  Head Lice

·  Indigestion And Reflux

·  Intertrigo/Ringworm

·  Mouth Ulcers

·  Nappy Rash

·  Oral Thrush

·  Scabies

·  Sore Throat / Tonsillitis

·  Teething

·  Threadworms

·  Vaginal Thrush

·  Verruca